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Transparent LED Glass:


Port Authority NY - MediaMesh-3      zara-glassled-transparent-led-window-screen     store led glass

      Outdoor LED Glass            Store Front LED Glass       Indoor LED Glass


Transparent LED Glass is the latest technology in LED display and video technology.  It allows for high definition high resolution LED displays of pictures and videos while being transparent and allowing both light to enter the building through the windows and the being able to see out from the space through the windows.  It is the maximum in appeal allowing for both the ability to show displays on the screen and in the store and office that ii is being used in.  There are outdoor LED displays of grand proportion and the more available store front and indoor LED glass displays to garner people’s attention.


LED Connect & LED Signs of Houston are the exclusive provider of LED Glass for Texas and Latin America.



We can help you design and install any type of LED Glass display that you prefer depending upon your needs, wants and budgets.


LED Glass – Our Technology & Mounting:


LED Glass panels come in HD high resolution panels that attach to polished, brushed or powder coated struts or frames.  These hold each panel in place and provide a closed or covered track for the wiring and accessories which give the glass its very clean look.  Systems can be designed to either be a floor mount which have stand and support themselves or to be hung from the ceiling or wall presenting them higher in view and away from the floor.

4127212_orig           led glass demo display

    LED Glass Panel & Mounting Strut Detail                     LED Glass Display – Floor Standing


Outdoor LED Glass Displays:

LED Glass can be used for large outdoor displays on building curtain walls and wraps that still allow light to penetrate into the building and allow you to see out from the building.  It is very useful as an added sun screen on southern exposures of buildings that receive large amounts of sun light and thus heat gain into the building.  In these cases the LED Glass benefits and be two fold.  One providing its displays and information for the business or advertising for revenues and the second becoming the sun screen for the building greatly reducing the sun and heat exposure and thus lowering cooling costs and making the interior more comfortable for the inhabitants.


Full Building Curtain Wall – LED Glass Display:


Port Authority NY- MediaMesh-2   Port Authority NY - MediaMesh-3   4   mediamesh_-_LG

Building Freeze or Parapet – LED Glass Corner Wrap Display:


Store Front LED Glass Displays:

680418431_835          zara-glassled-transparent-led-window-screen

      Hanging Display Technology                                         Store Glass Interior Display



Auto Dealers LED Glass Displays:

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