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Low Cost LED Signs can be “Un-Serviceable”

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Be careful when buying your LED sign for many reason as you can read on our website and many other locations.  But one thing that is not very well discussed is with low cost LED signs and lower range LED Technology.

Be careful to not determine your LED Sign choice solely on cost and saving the most money.  This will cost your much more money in the long run.  Low cost signs and LED sign companies generally do not have repair and service programs that come with the purchase of the sign.  As well many of these signs cannot be repaired when they have issues or stop working all together.


FYI – LED Signs Connect offer some of the lowest prices on the highest quality signs.  Which we can completely service and if fact service easily due to their modular and component design and circuitry.  


LED Technology is just that.  LED signs are very intricate pieces of light technology and they will need service and attention to keep your investment working at its peak performance over its lifetime.


At all LED Connect affiliates we provide full service and warranty programs so our customers are always taken care of and completely satisfied when you buy your sign from us!

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